Letters to Waday

A part of the violence and inhumanity of solitary confinement is the sprawling isolation. For someone struggling with mental illness this is particularly cruel and unusual punishment. While we fight for justice and proper care for Waday, it's important that he remains connected to the world outside. As he battles with bipolar and schizophrenic episodes it's essential that we give him something to focus his mind and to be in conversation within hopes that it will tether him to reality. Will remind him that he is loved, and not alone.

We ask of you a letter for Waday: Something colorful written on bright construction paper, hopeful images, notes, poems, stories to let Waday know that he is loved; that he is in our minds and hearts. Your letter will help to ease his loneliness and will remind Waday that his community is here for him, waiting for him. Mail your letter to Waday at the information below:

McLennan County Jail
Steven Walker-Webb
CID# 162842
3201 E. Hwy 6
Waco, Tx 76705

Letters CAN NOT include glitter or anything glued.
Any images sent CAN NOT be larger than 4x6.

Things Waday loves to talk about + engage with:

Greek and African Mythologies
The Orisa's
Shaolin Monks
Dragon Ball Z
Vintage cartoons
Books on Ghandi

BEFORE mailing your letter, we encourage you to take a picture of it and send a digital copy to FreeWaday@gmail.com. Letters emailed to the address prior to the live stream will be read during the #HundredsOfThousands live stream demonstration. Both your name and letter will be shared on August 22, 2020, in Waco, Texas. Additionally, if you want to share your letter, or poem, via social media we ask that you use the following hashtags when you post. #HundredsOfThousands, #FreeWaday, #CareNotCages, #SolitaryWatch

We invite you to share this request with 10 members of your community in hopes that it will create a steady flow of colorful notes of encouragement that will flood the cold and lonely small cell that he is being held in and will fill it with intention, connection, and community.

Thank you for taking the time to raise awareness, to spread the message, to send some love.