Hundreds of Thousands

On August 22, 2020 - August 23rd, Obie Award-winning theatre artist and activist Stevie Walker-Webb staged Hundreds of Thousands, a 24-hour public demonstration, relegating himself to a 6x9 foot space on the grounds of the McLennan County (Highway 6) Jail in Waco, Texas, to mark the 122nd day that his brother, Steven Waday Walker-Webb, has spent in solitary confinement. The demonstration was live-streamed on The Public Theater’s Youtube channel and is a response to the wrongful incarceration of his mentally impaired brother Steven “Waday” Walker-Webb. More...

The Public Theater hosted Hundreds of Thousands,
the 24-hour demonstration live stream, on their
YouTube channel from
Saturday, August 22nd - Sunday, August 23rd.

#HundredsOfThousands, #FreeWaday, #CareNotCages, #SolitaryWatch

Picture of Stevie Walker-Webb in a suit with his hand to his chin sitting on a red chair with patterned pillows and wooden wall.


Stevie Walker-Webb is Waday's big brother and an Obie award winning Director, Playwright, and Cultural Worker who believes in the transformational power of art. As a survivor of poverty and the associative violence that comes with growing up Black and poor in America, he’s knows how liberating and necessary it is to create. He is a 2050 Fellow at New York Theatre Workshop and recipient of the Princess Grace Award for Theatre. The Lily Award in honor of Lorraine Hansberry awarded by the Dramatists Guild of America. He’s served as the Founding Artistic Director of the Jubilee Theatre and has created art and Theatre in Madagascar, South Africa, Mexico, and across America. He’s worked as the Outreach Coordinator for Theatre of the Oppressed-NYC and holds an MFA from The New School, and a B.S. in Sociology from the University of North Texas. His work has been produced by: The Public Theatre, American Civil Liberties Union, JAG Productions, Cherry Lane, Zara Aina, La Mama, The New Group, and Wooly Mammoth. For more information about Stevie visit

Read Stevie's ARTIST STATEMENT on the pubic demonstration.


Write Waday
We invite you to create a steady flow of colorful notes of encouragement that will flood the cold and lonely small cell that Waday is being held in...


Call on behalf of Waday
Our elected officials have always been aware of systemic injustice, but our rising awareness demands that we as a people, as a nation, hold them responsible...


Donate to the longterm wellness of Waday
We are actively working to get Waday out of prison and into a mental health care facility so that my brother can receive the proper care he needs...